About Us

The Balkan region is extremely proud of the most ancient wine history. Our local grape varieties are at least as rich as is the spirit of the people. With at least 1.8 million tons of wine produced every year, the Balkan region ranks 5th in the world, right after the largest wine producing countries Italy, France, Spain and USA. There are now more than 1.000 wineries producing wine in the Balkans! It is an undisputable fact that for the last decade this region made enormous progress in the quality of its wines and can now state a claim to be considered as a key player on the global wine market.

Wines of Balkans is a digital wine marketing agency officially registered in August 2012 by Dusan Jelic, a Serb with the passports of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and South Africa. Our mission is to propagate wine culture in the Balkan region, share relevant vinous information and connect wine lovers from all over the world. We are trying to support, coordinate and initiate various online and real-world activities that raise awareness, expand appreciation and consequently increase demand for the Balkan wines worldwide. The ultimate goal is to turn wines of Balkans into a strong regional brand, genuinely respected in the world of wine lovers of all colours and from all walks of life. We shall thoroughly follow wine-related activities in the following 12 countries that we consider a part of the Balkan wine region: Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey. It is not necessarily the only politically correct ‘definition’ of the region and inclusion or exclusion of certain countries was purely arbitrary.

Our website, Google+ profile, facebook page, twitter account, blog, LinkedIn or Pinterest page are all places where you can go to linger for a while. Our greatest desire is to establish regular and meaningful communication with anyone interested in wines from the Balkans. We would like to have a feedback from you, dear wine lovers. Your proposals, suggestions, ideas and contemplations are very important to us and represent an essential part of our project.

We also would like to offer solutions to Balkan wineries and other players in the food and wine industry of the region and provide our clients with the edge to succeed in the world of social media. A Wines of Balkans founder Dusan Jelic has been totally committed to wine-related social media activities for the last three years including his 15 month stint in South Africa as a social media manager of wine.co.za, a key digital player in the South African wine industry. Combining his passion for wine and digital world, Dusan is eager to offer his services to the prospective clients.

Welcome to our world, and hope you will discover or re-discover Balkan wines soon and that happy memories of great wines from this region will be gently lingering in your subconsciousness for many years to come.

Wines of Balkans: ‘Contemporary wines with the ancient tradition’