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Gold Medal for Plantaže at 2017 Decanter Awards Competition

Written on 25-05-2017 by Dusan Jelic, Belgrade, Serbia

Decanter 2017 Gold Medal for Plantaže Stari Podrum Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Gold Medal for Plantaže at 2017 Decanter Awards Competition

The huge vineyard 'Ćemovsko Polje' (Ćemovo Field) belonging to Plantaže is situated south-east of Podgorica between rivers of Cijevna and Morača. It covers 2,310 hectares, which makes it the biggest European vineyard on a single plot! Imagine 115 million vines being peppered over that area! Altitude is between 45 and 70 meters.


Ćemovsko Polje is pretty dry area, with very little rain and enormous number of sunshine hours. It is a stage for an epic fight for survival between vines and stones. There, in such an inhospitable terroir great Plantaže wines are born!


Plantaže is very well known regional wine brand. They export wines in 43 countries! Truly staggering is the amount of around 14,5 million bottles of wines they sell overseas, which is about 60% of their total annual output. They sent many wines to various competitions and received more than 800 medals of different shines. Yet, something happened this year for the very first time! Among six medals received at the 2017 Decanter Awards one has a golden shine! That was 2012 'Stari Podrum' (Old Cellar) Cabernet Sauvignon!


This is the very first time that a single wine from Montenegro was crowned with the Gold Medal at the prestigious Decanter competition. It has to be mentioned that total of more than 17,000 wines was submitted for this year edition of the Decanter Awards competition. As a rule, a wine must have 95 points or more to get a gold medal! This is an extremely rigorous criterion and taking into accounts dozens of masters of wine and master sommeliers acting as judges, it is easy to comprehend the significance of this gold medal for Plantaže!


The winning wine was produced in limited quantities. The very best micro-locality in their huge complex of vineyards, called Šipčanik, was selected and only the top, hand-picked grapes were used. After nurturing wine for four years it was released in 2016. This Cabernet Sauvignon spent 12 months in barrique barrels and another two years in big oak cask of 5,000 liters. Stari Podrum 2012 is a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, with luscious aromas of red berries, particularly blueberries and black currants, coupled with gentle hints of dark chocolate and exotic spices. Alcohol is superbly integrated and tannins are smooth and polished. Pure joy in drinking this wine is crowned with the never-ending, lingering aftertaste of dark berries and dark chocolate. Cabernet Sauvignon Stari Podrum 2012 is truly a great wine that can age and develop further for at least another 10 years, but possibly more! 


Veselin Đurišić, Head of Sales and Marketing of Plantaže, mentioned during the celebration of this great success in Belgrade, that 'planning, selection and long-term careful work yielded results and certification of the quality and our potential; which is recognized not only in Montenegro and the region, but also throughout the world!'


The Plantaže enologist Bojan Gašović passionately described how his team created this golden wine. He described a micro-locality where Cabernet was planted, viticultural practices and work in the cellar. The entire team is very proud for this recognition of their hard work and commitment to craft world class wines!


All wines from the premium line Stari Podrum ('Old Cellar') enjoy great respect among wine lovers and wine aficionados, and a number of five stars restaurants included them in their wine lists. It is obvious that this premium line shows superbly in what direction this great producer plan to go in the future! With Gold Decanter medals being won this year by Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, we can conclude that at present all ex-Yugoslav countries demonstrated an ablity to make world class wines! Warm congratulations!