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Everything you want to know about 'Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass'

Written on 27-08-2017 by Dusan Jelic, Novi Sad, Serbia

Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass
Portugal, 7 of September 2017

Everything you want to know about 'Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass'

Date: Portugal, 7 of September of 2017

“Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass” will cover the most important pillars of wine science: terroir, viticulture, wine production, sensory evaluation, marketing, and health.


These topics are traditionally covered separately, yet the aim of this conference is to promote a joint discussion to add value and reinforce natural interactions among them.

Science can provide evidence-based guidance, present reasons for best practice, and give out the potential advantages and disadvantages of options for reaching precise goals.

This conference will be an opportunity to academics, winemakers, and sectorial associations discuss, based on reason and evidence, what is the best for wine production. Science is the GPS of winemakers, which are responsible to decide the route. The challenges to researchers are the same as those to wine producers: to meet the consumers’ preferences. Beyond the wine sciences and the wine industry, it is important to highlight the consumer interest in the role of wine in health promotion.

'Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass' conference - it is the perfect occasion for cross-fertilization among basic scientists and students of different areas (oenology, viticulture, chemistry, marketing, and health), oenologists, viticulturists, and viticulture and or wine sectorial institutions. The conference represents a contribution to the fulfillment of the Third Mission of the University of Porto which, in an active way, assumes itself as an important driver of economic, social, cultural and scientific development in the North of Portugal and in the country in general.


Organizing committee:

Carlos Melo Brito, Pro-Rector of U.Porto

Paula Cristina Silva, Professor, ICBAS, U.Porto

Jorge Lacerda de Queiroz, Professor, FC, U.Porto

Manuel Lima, Head of Wine Tasting Service, IVDP


You can find more information at the link below:

Science & Wine - From the terroir to the glass