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Vinart Grand Tasting 2018

Written on 08-03-2018 by Dejana Jelic, Zagreb, Belgrade

Saša Špiranec - a true spiritus movens of Vinart Grand Tasting & one of the greatest authorities on the Croatian wine

Vinart Grand Tasting 2018


The following text is a  brief report from Dejana Jelić who was visiting the tasting and festival on behalf of Wines of Serbia.

Vinart Grand Tasting took place on March 02 & 03, 2018 in Zagreb. The wine exhibition was held in the imposing and charming area of the Lauba Art gallery.


In addition to the exhibition of their latest wines, in the space of Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, a string of lectures and master-classes was held in order to spread the wine culture in the region.


The festival was also enriched with the lovely presentation of Serbian wines delivered by Igor Luković, who superbly presented the most precious Serbian indigenous variety of Prokupac.


It should be noted that Croatia, a home of extraordinary wines, has become a very attractive wine destination! More than leading 120 wineries with an impressive number of samples of wine took part in Vinart Grand Tasting 2018. Wine lovers could taste a lot of lovely wines made by famous winemakers such as Matošević, Benvenuti, Trapan, Clai, Senjković, Tomaz, Krajančić, Bibich, Rizman, Volarević, Radovan, Saints Hills, Jakončič, Ščurek, Coronica, Kabola, Erdevik Winery, Bire, Vina Laguna, Korta Katarina, Deklić and many more. Wine selection was fabulous and I genuinely enjoyed tasting all these great wines. Walking through the wine regions we could discover magnificent wineries and truly brilliant wines!


The Festival was actually a unique opportunity to learn a lot about the situation on the Croatian wine scene, as well as to make important business deals. A great number of restaurant owners, sommeliers and managers came to hammer out important details of their forthcoming wine lists. In addition to this the wine distributors spent two days talking to the producers, tasting and making plans about the Croatian wine exports to the other countries. If you are a passionate winelover who likes to explore new flavors of wine from this gorgeous wine region, I think you really would have enjoyed your time at the Grand Tasting!


I would like to warmly congratulate one of the greatest authorities on the Croatian wine, Mr. Saša Špiranec - a true spiritus movens of Vinart Grand Tasting and his team for organizing this superb wine event! Beautiful impressions from this wine festival are still going on, just like when we slowly savour a lingering aftertaste of the great wine!


I have to conclude by saying it was such a pleasure to enjoy the most charming wine festival in this part of the world - Vinart Grand Tasting 2018 in Zagreb!


Cheers and, of course, see you again in 2019!