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Nine Great Wines from the Bikicki Winery

Written on 17-05-2018 by Dusan Jelic, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Serbia

Đorđe Bikicki - owner of the Bikicki Winery from Banoštor (Fruška Gora)

Tasting nine great wines from the Bikicki Winery


On Friday, May 11, 2018, inside a very pleasant tasting room at Wine & Pleasure vinotheque in Belgrade, nine wines were presented to the selected group of wine experts and wine journalists.



The Bikicki winery owns 26 hectares of vineyards planted from 2010 on the best slopes of Fruška Gora, bordering the National Park and intact nature. The first wines were placed on the market in 2017. The dynamo behind the BIKICKI brand is Đorđe Bikicki, a multi-talented young man, while the wines are produced under the careful supervision of Oszkár Maurer, one of the most famous Serbian vignerons. Finally, Jelena Burmudžija is responsible for the viticulture.


Đorđe Bikicki passionately described his vinous philosophy, with a clear goal to produce natural wines, extraordinary, very special and unique, while respecting the signature of Fruška Gora terroir at all times!


Traminac 2016

Fresh green notes on the nose, well rounded. I was overwhelmed with the complex floral aromas and a kiss of warm alcoholic sensation. A very good rendition of Traminac (Gewürztraminer) (89/100 points)


So 2016 (barrel sample, wine-in-making)

This is an oaked Sauvignon Blanc. It is hard to pick a variety on the nose. I felt opulence of honey and herbaceous notes, as well as apple compote, pears, and a few more sweet fruit sensations. 6-day maceration was administered. Superb acidity. This is a very geeky and funky wine. To be bottled this week. Warmly recommended for all lovers of extraordinary natural wines! (90/100 points)


Cu 2016

A hint of forest strawberries. Amber color. The exquisite sweetness came from the fruits. The style of this wine is directly influenced by the maceration temperature - if it is lower, the final wine shall be commanding more fruity aromas. New barrique of the Hungarian oak are prepared for this wine. Maceration lasted for four days. This style is sometimes referred to as ‘ramato’ or coppery, since the Pinot Grigio must remained in contact with the skin which gives the wine a very distinctive coppery hue. (88+/100 points)


Necenzurisani (lit. ‘Uncensored’) (barrel sample, wine-in-making)

This ‘secret’ wine is actually Traminac 2017 entering the ageing process in 500 l oak barrels. Maceration lasted 7-8 days at 18 degrees Celsius.


Nadia 2016 (rose)

This is a pretty serious rose wine with 14% of alcohol. A great foodie wine and not for an easy every day quaffing. A pretty complex and unusual rose crafted for good chefs to play with! (87+/100 points)


Pinotte 2014 (Pinot Noir)

A great Pinot Noir from the extremely challenging year. It shows the strength of the vineyard! Truffles, wild strawberries picked immediately. Savory, clean and focused. Oak is superbly integrated. Alcohol is below 12%, yet wine is far from ‘weak’, I would rather say it is a very elegant rendition of the variety. I heard that this wine is so good, irrespective of very wet year because ‘Pinot Noir loves rain!’ (90/100 points)


Crna Tamjanika 2015

The vines for this vineyard were obtained from the Bukovo Agricultural School. A dry wine matured in used barrique for 12 months. Two weeks of maceration. The color is very intensive and pleasing. The wine is inviting and very ‘meaty’ and it shall develop further. (88+/100 points)


Makana 2015 (Traminac)

This is a ‘sweet’ rendition of Traminac. Makana contains close to 100 grams of residual sugar, yet it is fabulously balanced with the great acidity. Drinking it slowly derives a pure pleasure. It is a soft, gentle and sophisticated wine. Warmly recommended! (91+/100 points)


Makana Noir 2015

This is a great dessert wine from the Bikicki winery. It is characterized with 105 grams of residual sugar and superb acidity (6.8 g/l). Furthermore, 14% of alcohol makes it powerful. I would love to match this wine with a pure dark chocolate. That would be a match made in heaven. (90/100 points)


I have to commend a fresh and appealing new labels created in synergy with the Braća Burazeri agency. Đorđe Bikicki proudly stated that the two flagship varieties of his winery are Traminac and Pinot Noir and the goal is to demonstrate what these noble varieties can achieve on the charming slopes of Fruška Gora, just above the lovely hamlet of Banoštor and nearby mighty Danube River!

I am very confident that he is on the right way and watch out closely this young, up-and-coming Serbian winery!