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Great success of Tikveš Barovo Red 2015 at the 2018 Decanter Awards

Written on 10-06-2018 by Dusan Jelic, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Serbia

Dušan Jelić, Igor Luković & Radoš Vukičević (Executive Director of Tikveš Winery) in Belgrade

It is virtually impossible to pinpoint any big wine in today’s world without making direct references to the relevant terroir. An authentic wine tells us a story about that piece below the sky where the wines were grown.

Many scientific researches concluded that not only terroir commands a key importance in a winemaking process, but also pretty often the 'Terroir' is more important than a variety of the grapes itself.


In a nutshell everything surrounding vines - such as soil, geographical position, microclimate, plant and animal kingdom, local traditions and a vigneron making that particular wine - actually represents terroir!


Tikveš Winery pays a great attention to this concept. As a result of that they created a plethora of unique wines carrying easily recognizable character of the terroir. They were originating from the Barovo area, which is a very special place spreading between 500 -700 metres above sea level. It is close to city of Demir Kapija, as a part of the gorge through which warm Mediterranean climate from the Aegean Sea penetrates the valley of Vardar River. Barovo vineyards are predominately planted on volcanic stones, with red clay, vertisol, stones and limestone. Such a composition of the soil is responsible for a complex, rich and wines full of mineral features. Long and sunny days are responsible for fullness of wines, while cold mountain nights secure great acidity and freshness.


A great team of enologists headed by Philippe Cambie, one of the famous global 'flying winemakers', is directly responsible for a creation of these terroir-driven wines.


The cellar master of Tikveš winery Marko Stojaković, educated in France, and his team including Nikola Kuzmanovski, Aleksandar Nikolov, Aleksandra Ristova and others, passionately and persistently fulfill the set terroir-centered goals when producing various wines belonging to the Tikveš portfolio. The above vignerons are indeed the essential part of the 'Barovo Terroir'.



Believe it or not this wine was only made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes! The wine was crafted in sunny and warm Macedonia, however at 700 metres altitude things are dramatically different!

Let’s start with dry and warm days and very fresh and chilly nights. That`s the key for the crisp freshness of the Macedonian Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes were picked from the 7 hectares vineyard in the beginning of September. After fermentation and spending some time on the lees, wine was matured for 6 months in new French barrique barrels which were specifically chosen for Sauvignon Blanc.

On the nose I picked exciting citruses plus apples, pears and subtle herbaceous notes. The wine was judiciously oaked. On the palate gooseberries, tomato leaf and peaches dominate; alcohol is superbly integrated and wine ends in a fabulous lingering aftertaste of lemon, lime and orange peel.



The greatest succes at the Decanter Awards 2018 for Tikveš winery was Platinum Medal for Barovo Red 2015 and 97/100 points!

This wine represents a unique blend of equal parts of Vranac and Kratošija. The size of this vineyard is only 3 hectares. After fermentation Barovo Red was matured for 18 months in new French barrique barrels. The wine is incredibly fruity, opulent with exciting scents of cherries, raspberries and blueberries. Furthermore I picked some spices and tobacco notes. Tannins are smooth and silky yet the structure comfortably allows for up to 10 years of cellaring before reaching its peak.


I can only warmly recommend Barovo White 2017 and Barovo Red 2015 as the pinnacle of the winemaking craft in Macedonia and the Balkan region. Cheers!