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How to Get into Wines When You are a Beginner

Written on 22-08-2018 by Ljiljana Šipragić, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ljiljana Šipragić, Content Manager & Digital PR at Grape.ba & Founder & Creator at Lovily.net


Hi, there! You probably all wonder who am I and why this isn’t Dusan writing, so let me introduce myself. My name is Ljiljana, and I am a blogger writing about all the things I love - books, coffee, theatre, music, movies, talents, and - wines, of course.




Wine is what I have been enjoying for years, but I haven’t, until this very day, had the courage to start writing about this topic. Why? Because it all seemed reserved to high professionals, sommeliers, people who have years and lessons behind them. But let me tell you - that is not the truth and that is the reason why I’m writing this particular text.


When it comes to wine, yes, there are many lessons to be learned, but the best way to do that is by consuming it. Glass after a glass, type after a type. The more you try, the more you'll know. However, the premise is that you really want to understand what you are drinking and not that the act of drinking is all you mind.


Now, let me start with why all of us are here - sharing tips on how to get into wines.




1. Start Reading


There are plenty of websites offering good-quality content which will teach you all the things you need to know. One such is the one you are currently on, but aside from Wines of Balkan, and much more for basic lessons, I recommend checking Vine Pair (here are some basic lessons for every beginner). Another good source is Wine Folly.


2. Hang Out with People Who Know More


What did the trick for me is being accompanied by people who are already familiar with the wine industry. Luckily, some of those are very good friends of mine, so ages ago I started asking questions, watching how they order, and what. I remember, several years ago, when I visited Sarajevo and met Aleksandar for the first time, I was enchanted by his wine knowledge and enjoyed every second of our talk. Now he also has a website about wines, so check out Grape Nomad. Little did I know then that this small interest of mine will turn into a passion and become something I want to write about regularly.


3. Visit Local Events


I am convinced that there are some local wine-related events in your area. For example, in Banja Luka, we have famous Vinosaur, a wine fair which offers an incredible opportunity for everyone to try hundreds of wines (and all for 15 euros solely!). You can chat with producers, learn a thing or two, and develop your taste recognition. There is also Wine Me Up, which is more chilled and created specifically for people who enjoy drinking wine but are not experts in any way. So, do the research and find similar events nearby. They will please all your senses.


4. Wine Tourism: Travel the Wine Region


The areas that attracted me since I was young were wine regions, especially those in France and mainly for their landscape beauty. Luckily, years later I had the chance to visit Burgundy and let me tell you, that is the perfect vacation by all means. You get it all in one – you rest, you visit historical points, see many attractions, have multiple activities, and at the same time learn about wines, production, vineyards etc. I’ve attended several towns and wineries, such as Château de Pommard, which has tasting events where you pay for an hour-long session of tasting different wines and talking to wine experts in small group. Those arrangements are available in so many places that you only need to decide which is the most attractive with price and its offer. Be aware of the fact that, due to high popularity, you’ll need to reserve your place much earlier if planning to participate.


5. Always Try Something New


We all get into a habit of ordering the same things over and over again once we prove they are to our taste. But, there might be something you like even more, and when it comes to wines, you need to try as much as possible. I love drinking Moscato d’Asti and Chateau Kamnik Tamjanika (one of my favourite wineries from the area), but I try to restrict myself to drink them from time to time only. So, the next time you get into a restaurant or a bar, check the wine list and order something new.


And that is it! That is how I got into wines and what helped me comprehend this mystical and purposely presented as a complex area. Do not be afraid to ask questions and just observe people around you, while enjoying every sip.


Until the next article, where I'll get more into specific wine favourites - cheers to you!