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5 White Wines That Will Impress Every Woman

Written on 21-11-2018 by Ljiljana Šipragić, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ljiljana Šipragić, Content Manager & Digital PR at Grape.ba & Founder & Creator at Lovily.net


Hello, dear people! We meet again here on Wines of Balkans. My name is Ljiljana and I am the author of Lovily blog.


We had a chance of getting to know each other in my previous post, where I gently touched on a subject of how to get into wine romance if you still failed to do so! 



In accordance with my fiery vinous passion and still not-so-advanced wine knowledge, I would like to introduce you here to some charming white wines. My humble hope is that the below recommendations are going to be tested, liked and cherished by all wine-loving women.


You are, of course, more than welcome to contribute to the following list. That is exactly why we are here - to hear recommendations and eventually taste and enjoy something new and exciting. 



1. Moscato d’Asti, Tenimenti Ca’Bianca


Moscato d’Asti is my favourite wine, but be aware of a fact that once you try it - you will not be able to stop enjoying it. This is a sophisticated dessert wine which is strongly appealing to women. The reason is quite apparent - it is irresistibly sweet and slightly sparkling. This wine variety is recognizable by (sometimes extremely) high sweetness and surprisingly low alcohol level. Consequently it represents a perfect choice for someone who does not like heavy drinks.


Grape Variety: White Moscato

Flavours: lemon, mandarin orange, pear, orange blossom and honeysuckle

Alcohol: 5,5%

Serving: chilled, preferably latest vintage, in a white wine glass or tulip glass


2. Temjanika, Chateau Kamnik


Another highly aromatic wine I would like to recommend is Chateau Kamnik’s Temjanika. Made 100% from Temjanika grapes, it will astonish everyone with its predominant peach and tropical fruits aroma, accompanied with silky scents of white flowers and elderberries. It is elegant and sensual and will make you smile with each sip. Especially if you do not stop enjoying it after a glass or two, as it commands only 14% of alcohol.


Grape Variety: Tamjanika/Temjanika

Flavours: peach, tropical fruits, white flowers and elder

Alcohol: 14%

Serving: chilled, fresh, in a white wine glass


3. Žuti Cvet (Yellow Flower), Tamjanika, Vinarija Aleksić


Have you ever heard of Winery Aleksić? It has an amazing background story, as it is run by three amazing women - three charming sisters who decided that their life path consists of grapes. Their wines are made with lots of love and passion, so my only way of supporting their work is to regularly drink their wines they and also from time to time making recommendations to other people. My absolute favourite is called “Yellow Flower”, which is another crystal clear Tamjanika with floral aromas. It is very light and so vibrant, with 11% of alcohol, and it will perfectly pair with a cheese plate, various light fish or desserts. A match made in heaven. Believe me!


Grape Variety: Tamjanika

Flavours: incense, cinnamon and basil, citrus fruits

Alcohol: 11,5%

Serving: chilled, fresh, in a white wine glass


4. Malvazija, Kabola


Malvazija Istarska always gets its way on the list of my most beloved wine varieties. Truth to be told, if there is one wine from Kabola you NEED to try it is Muscat Momjanski, but since I already have Moscato on my list - I’ll let Malvazija run this show. This grape variety dominated Istria since the 13th century. This wine is discrete, yet powerful, and it will first catch your eye with its vibrant straw-yellow colour. After that, you will notice its subtle tropical fruits scents, followed gently by the long-lasting and pleasant aftertaste.


Grape Variety: Malvazija

Flavours: citrus, lemon, tropical fruits,

Alcohol: 13%

Serving: chilled, fresh, in a white wine glass



5. Sauvignon Blanc, Chichateau Winery


Last but not least we have a small garage winery that stood out on a fair I have visited a few months back. From the label design and wine naming to the quality, Chichateau has a special place in my heart. Its Sauvignon Blank is refreshing and crisp, with dominant lemon and dried peach aromas. This Sauvignon is gently and judiciously oaked. I like this rendition of Sauvignon Blanc for its complexity and elegance. Let me warn you that everything Chichateau winery has produced is indeed worth trying, so if you feel like tasting some cool wines from Fruška Gora, taste Chichateau wines!


Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Flavours: lemon and dried peach

Alcohol: 12,5%

Serving: chilled, fresh, in a white wine glass