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A Vertical Tasting of Vino Budimir Tamjanika (2013-2009) & a little Prokupac surprise

Written on 06-07-2015 by Dusan Jelic, Belgrade, Serbia

The five latest vintages (2009-2013) of Vino Budimir Tamjanika wines

A few days ago I had a unique opportunity to taste 5 latest vintages of Vino Budimir signatory indigenous Tamjanika grapes.

The kind hosts of the event were my lovely sister-in-wine Jovana Antović and Vladan Stanojlović Kika from the Wine Jam fame, and this time in his capacity as a supremo of Absolut Wine Shop & Bar in Belgrade.

We started with Tamjanika 2013 which is still not commercially available.


Tamjanika 2013

This wine has a light straw color. Tamjanika 2013 is fresh, crispy wine with a powerful acidity. A nose of incense is quite overwhelming. I also picked green unripe apple and gentle floral aromas. Medium bodied. Very savory and inviting, yet still young. Alcohol is 12.5%. Residual sugar level is 0.9 gram/liter. This vintage should be released soon. We tasted a tank sample. 87/100 points.


Tamjanika 2012

This Tamjanika has a straw color. On the nose green apple, kisses of citruses. Acidity is powerful yet nicely integrated. The wine ends with a lingering aftertaste of citruses. Alcohol level is 13.5%.  Truly a good rendition of Tamjanika. 87+/100 points.


Tamjanika 2011

The wine has a lovely golden color. It is a bit shy on the nose, but one can feel incense, green apples and a subtle herbaceousness. It is well-rounded with the acidity superbly integrated. And there is a gentle kiss of honey to complicate the matter. A hugely complex and exciting rendition of Tamjanika. It is now drinking beautifully. Alcohol level is 13%. Residual sugar level is 1 gram/liter. 89/100 points.


Tamjanika 2010

This wine has a lovely golden color. First I picked a gentle hint of petroleum, then a plethora of citruses. Acidity is pronounced yet superbly integrated. This wine is a gorgeous mix of youthful zest and mature power. Alcohol level in this wine is 13.2%. Residual sugar level is 1 gram/liter. A very exciting baby, ready to please even the most discerned palate! 89+/100 points.


Tamjanika 2009

One immediately picks a floral perfumes and minerality. A subtle touch of figs detected on the nose. Wine is still very much alive and kicking. Lingering citrusy aftertaste dominates.  A very fine almond-like sensation present in the finish. Alcohol level is 12.9%. Residual sugar is 1.1 grams/liter. 88/100 points.


After these five great Tamjanika wines, as a little surprise we tasted two vintages of another indigenous Serbian variety - Prokupac. We tasted Prokupac ‘Boje Lila’ 2009 and 2011.


Prokupac Boje Lila 2009

On the nose I felt spices, black and white pepper. It was almost a Syrah-like experience. The wine has extremely powerful nose, cherry in all possible renditions. The wine is energetic, bursting with cherry-power. Medium-bodied. Alcohol level is 12.5%. I picked wild strawberries too. For me, this is an extraordinary rendition of Prokupac, derived from a 100 years old vineyard. 89+/100 points.


Prokupac Boje Lila 2011 (a tank sample)

Firstly, you are overwhelmed with its jammy structure. You feel prunes. Plum-power! Also there are some lovely hints of dark chocolate and forest floor… all superbly well-balanced. Tannins are pronounced. There is underlying sense of ripe cherries. This wine has an enormous potential. Its power simply screams behind the scene. We should be patient for two years or three, but this baby drinks beautifully even today! 90/100 points.


It was a lovely evening of the Serbian domesticated and indigenous varieties. Cheers!