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Five Wines of the Virtus Winery - Masterclass held at Hyatt hotel in Belgrade

Written on 22-12-2016 by Dusan Jelic, Belgrade, Serbia

Great Virtus winery wines. Photo © Žene i Vino

Virtus winery is six years young and is located on the territory of the Mlava region - along the Požarevac wine-growing hills. In Viteževo village, between Žabari and Svilajnac municipalities, there is a 27.5 hectares land complex, situated some 15 km away from the Belgrade-Niš highway.

The winery was founded by a group of close friends passionate about wine.


The following grape varieties are being cultivated: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marselan and Prokupac. All historical documents point out to a long tradition of winemaking in this area, which tremendously strengthened founders desire to establish a winery!


Their connection with the ancient history could be seen in the slogan 'Read the wine - taste the history'. Furthermore, a well-known Serbian painter Isidora Ivanović crafted beautiful labels for their wine using ancient symbols and a stylized figure.


We have tasted five wines in a tasting guided by the winemaker Milorad Halavanja and sommelier Mina Majstorović, under the watchful eye of Dejan Stanković, one of the owners. The wines were skilfully paired with food so we were able to truly enjoy a great evening.


Here are my tasting notes of all the five wine tasted.


Virtus Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Excellent acidity is a true backbone of this wine. I picked a plethora of herbaceous notes and citruses joined with great aromas of elderbery tree flower. Lovely yellow colour with some subtle green reflections. The wine is fresh and crisp, well-balanced with 13.5% of alcohol which is nicely integrated. It is a bone dry wine that can be enjoyed with goat cheese, turkey, sushi, seafood or on its own. For vegetarian winelovers a great match would be sautéed green vegetables. This Sauvignon Blanc is young and will further develop in the next two years.

88/100 points


Virtus Pinot Grigio 2016

This wine was recently bottled. On the nose I picked a very good aromatics, consisting of lovely floral perfumes blending gently with tropical fruits, quince and ripe pears. Lovely scents of white flowers were also lingering around. Wine is a touch creamy, savoury and even buttery. It is pretty complex and very promissing. I was impressed when the winemaker stated that 2015 vintage was not released as it was not up to the set standards. This shows integrity and serious appoach to the winemaking by Virtus winery! As much as this is a perfect fit for the Mediterranean cuisine in general, I would gladly enjoy this wine with a well prepared octopus salad.

Of course this wine needs time to develop to its maximum, however it is savoury, well-rounded and made to please a discerned winelover.

87+/100 points


Virtus Gewürztraminer 2015

On the nose there is a superb melange of the varietal aromatics. Really well-made wine with a great structure. Acidity is excellent and wine is slightly spicy, which I personally prefer. Rose petals and expected hints of Turkish delight are signature notes, one can pick immediately. It doesn't need a rocket scientist to conclude that it is hard to find a better match for spicy Asian food than wine like this. A tiny part of the wine (some 10-15%) kissed an oak barrel and henceforth contributed to added complexity. The winemaker even has a plan to see how this wine interacts with accacia and not only oak barrel. It is a dry wine which may trick a wine novice as it appers a bit sweet due to higher level of alcohol and a bit lower acidity. You can match this wine with fresh fruits during the summertime or hard cheeses. Even goose liver pate would do. To be served a bit cooler than majority of other white wines.

89/100 points


Virtus Rosé 2015

It consists of Prokupac (70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%). Lovely crystal clear pink color. Fresh, smooth and very fruity on the nose. Very pleasing and inviting wine. Savory. Fabulous aromas of red fruit dominate - red cherries and wild strawberries in particular. A very elegant wine and superbly well-balanced. Prokupac is an excellent variety for great rose wines. It is worth mentioning that Cabernet Sauvignon was vinified separately and later on it was 'married ' with Prokupac. I would drink this wine on its own, but it surely goes nicely with seafood or lighter meat or not-so-heavy desserts.

Virtus Rosé is a medium-bodied wine able to satisfy a wide range of winelovers. Impressive rose indeed!

89/100 points


Virtus Prokupac 2014

Prokupac is a very special variety - indigenous to Serbia and very old! I am very surprised that from 2014 grapes there is a Prokupac wine. This is truly extraordinary as many reputable wineries only produced white and rose wines from that vintage. Intensive red color. I picked immediately scents of forest strawberries, something I clearly remember from my countryside-spent childhood. This wine has extraordinary acidity that keeps everything in a perfect balance. Tannins are soft and with fabulously smooth structure. Lingering aftertaste of prunes and soft spices was extraordinary. This is a medium-bodied wine crying for roast lamb! It is definitely a great match for red meat.

This wine is profoundly gentle. Yet, it clearly shows restrained power, simply resembling an iron hand in a velvet glove! It will further develop in the next 3-4 years!

89-90/100 points


What a lovely tasting it was. You can learn more about this winery by visiting their website or Facebook account!