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A breathtaking vineyard in Puglia
Southern Italy - Puglia Wine Region

Known as the ‘cellar of Italy’, Puglia produces wines that have been well known since ancient times (circa 7-8th century B.C.)

Lovely Sicilian 'winescape'
Southern Italy - Sicily Wine Region

This ancient island boasts one of Italy’s most dynamic wine industries, putting new emphasis on dry, modern wines - both red and white!

A vineyard from Campania
Southern Italy - Campania Wine Region

Campania’s average annual wine production of 185 million litres (9th in volume among the regions) includes 16% DOC/DOCG and 15% IGT.

Lovely roofs of Calabria
Southern Italy - Calabria Wine Region

Calabria is a predominantely mountainous region with marked variations in microclimates between the sunny coastal hills along the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas and the chilly heights of Aspromonte massifs.

The ICE - Italian Trade Promotion Agency
Days of Wines from Southern Italy in Belgrade

ICE - The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade promotes export from the four southern Italian wine regions: Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Sicily in Belgrade!

Great Virtus winery wines. Photo © Žene i Vino
Five Wines of the Virtus Winery - Masterclass held at Hyatt hotel in Belgrade

We have tasted five wines in a tasting guided by the winemaker Milorad Halavanja and sommelier Mina Majstorović, under the watchful eye of Dejan Stanković, one of the owners.

A lovely image of Fetească Neagră from www.crameromania.ro
Fetească Neagră - The Black Maiden of the Balkans

Fetească Neagră (or 'Black Maiden' in English) is considered to be an ancestral autochthonous variety widespread in Romania and Moldova for more than 2,000 years.

A Plavac Mali vineyard on the steep southern slopes of Hvar island in Dalmatia, Croatia
Jo Ahearne MW: My Road to Plavac Mali

So when I was faced with Plavac Mali - one variety in one region that could produce wines akin to both Amarone AND Barolo I was transfixed!

Vinodonia 2016 - Skopje Wine Salon
Vinodonia 2016 - Skopje is the Balkan Wine Capital on November 11 & 12, 2016!

Breaking News - SAVE THE DATE: The first Skopje Wine Salon - Vinodonia 2016 will be held on 11th & 12th November 2016 at the newly opened Marriott hotel in the centre of Skopje.

Milomir Milosavljević squeezing a bunch of Prokupac - pic by Martin Candir & Žarko Jović

The very first International #ProkupacDay is scheduled for October 14, 2016! Learn more about this flagship Serbian red variety!

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