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Dear prospective clients


Wines of Balkans is offering full social media management services in the hospitality and wine industries on a subscription basis. It includes the following:


* Defining your Social Media strategy


* Managing your facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin as well as other online accounts


* Generating original posts (article, video, blog, newsflash, or any other multimedia post on your social media platforms)


* Sharing your original content on Wines of Balkans website and social media platforms plus other accounts administered by us. Our current (November 2016) digital footprint is close to 70,000 unique visitors, friends, fans, followers and subscribers!


* Assisting in all types of presentations or promotional events such as wine tourism activitiestweet-up tastings or participations at various festivals etc. 


* Every-day availability and responding to your requests as soon as possible


* Reporting to you monthly and visiting your business/organizing meetings when and wherever needed


We do the following:


Developing your brand

Interacting with present and prospective clients and fans

* Generating original content for your digital platforms

* Helping in increasing sales by utilizing USP (unique selling points)

* Coaching your staff members in Social Media sphere

* Reporting to you


For any further communication, enquiries, requests or suggestions please do not hesitate to write to us in English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or Montenegrin language. We shall reply as soon as possible.


Contact details:


E-mail addresses:




Phone number:   + 381 65 354 0980 (mobile)

Skype:   dusan.jelic.2009

Facebook:   Dusan Jelic    

Twitter:   Dusan Jelic

Instagram:   Wines of Balkans